About Nancy's

We started Nancy's for the people of Strasburg to have a place to meet, connect, socialize, catch up, and drink great coffee. We have the community in mind when making every decision - even our name.

Nancy McInturff Hockman was an outstanding Shenandoah County community member, where she lived and worked for 72 years before her passing in 2011. She attended Lebanon Lutheran Church, where she was an active Council member; she was a Kindergarten Instructional Aid at Sandy Hook Elementary School for 32 years; a member of the Strasburg Fire Dept. Auxiliary; Daughter of the Stars P.Buckley Moss member; sat on the Shenandoah County Library Board; a member of the Republican Women of Shenandoah County. 


Most importantly, she was a wonderful family member. Two daughters, one son, four grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, and now one great-great-granddaughter. She taught each of us the value of family, hard work, and showing kindness to each and every person we meet. Although she is not with us physically, she will always stay in our hearts and minds; this coffee bar is a tribute to her, allowing the community she loved to come together and show kindness to each other.


In addition to the organizations listed, she was an avid consumer of Longerberger Baskets

Nancy's Organizations


Join Lebanon for Sunday School at 9:30am, followed by service at 11am


Contact the Strasburg Fire Department to see how you can volunteer


Join the Daughter of the Stars Chapter the third Thursday of each month, 7pm


See how you can assist the County Library System