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Why Fair Trade?

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Supporting farmers directly helps not only the person, but the entire community.

At Nancy's we believe in the power of consumers. We have the ability to support those who make our coffee possible - through Fair Trade!

Fair Trade Certification Logo

A Global Movement

"We at Fair Trade USA believe that everyone wants to do what’s right – for their families, fellow global citizens, and the planet."

All products you buy or sell are connected to others, and Fair Trade makes sure the products you buy are connected directly to those who produce the product. Fair Trade certifies that you're buying from responsible companies, empowering farmers and workers, and protecting the environment.

Income Sustainability

Every person should have earnings that cover their basic household needs, regardless of volatile markets around the world. Buying Fair Trade ensures that farmers and workers have the money they need to invest in themselves and their families. Additionally, when a farmer or worker receives stable earnings, they in turn support their community. Their ability to invest in the community allows growth for all.

The Impact of Fair Trade

900,000+ Farmers and Workers

Last year alone the US Fair Trade Community empowered over 900,000 farmers and workers in 45 countries around the world. This includes throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America, Oceania, and the Caribbean. These farmers and workers were able to reach better terms with their trading partners, in turn getting us more valuable products to enjoy.

20 Years

In the past 20 years Fair Trade has made many steps towards a better world for all. Working conditions are safer, more young people have access to education, healthcare is more accessible than ever, and a brighter future is ahead. It is because of consumers like you, making it a priority to buy Fair Trade products, that we are making a better future together.

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